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"Intelligence is sexy. Don’t play stupid."

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Kristen: Strong female characters need to remain female, or else it’s just like, what’s the point?… (x)

I fucking love you

I like how earlier she mentions that women aren’t necessarily built to be strong, because it doesn’t exclude those who prefer to behave in ways that emphasize physical strength

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Can you teach me how to feel real?




i aspire to get to that level of hot where my hair looks like shit and i smell like black coffee and yesterday’s eyeliner is smudged under my eyes but i still look fine as hell

Effie, you wanna be Effie.

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"Whoever they are, no matter what they are to you in your life, there is a wonderful feeling when you wake up dreaming about them. It feels like a galaxy has settled in your stomach. Comets are zooming through your organs, and there is a gentle hanging ease that gravity gifts you."

~My Hidden Nirvana~
Girl: it's not right that women have to be constantly worried and conscious that they can be victims of rape.
That one guy: guys get raped too you know!!


I don’t know why but this looks to me like I’m on an operation table receiving surgery from cats

Nevermind this is it

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